2003 (Click on picture to enlarge)

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Happy 7th Birthday Andrew Skating Julia in her first show After the show Skating Julia
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Marissa and Julia at the show Julia and Baba Easter 2003 Easter
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Easter Easter Green Belt! Celebrating green belt with Remy
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Sean and Julia Emma, Julia and Danielle Sean, Sam and Julia Doc (1st grade teacher) and Andrew
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Anthony, Andrew and Eric Bobby and Andrew Julia graduates from Preschool Summer Fun
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Uncle Jamie, Julia and Uncle Rich Little Cousin Lyna Pop Pop and Andrew Friends at Julia's 5th Birthday
Uncle Matt, Julia and Aunt Char     Coke Factory in Alanta
  Surprise trip to Cape Cod    
Whale Watching 4 star breakfast Julia's White belt Andrew's Purple belt
Happy Halloween Steph and Jamie's Wedding    

Julia's 5th Birthday (7/13/03)

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Aunt Char and Julia Julia's friends Happy Hour Gang:) Sean, Danielle, Jul and Emma
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  Aunt Steph and Uncle Jamie TV Star Uncle Matt and Aunt Char with Julia